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Welcome to Dip Down Games and Anime Podcast! Here we talk about a topic every week regarding our passion(mostly video games or anime)! Whether it is us crying our faces off from an emotional anime or raging from difficult RPG video game. We are here to talk about it and share our stories and experiences with all of you! Between the three of us, we bring nearly a 100 years of experience playing video games and watching anime, wait…. are we old? Anyways, we hope you enjoy our video games and anime podcast! I know we love making them, so we hope to see you all there!

2021 brought with it a lot of joy, laughs, hugs, tears, pain, suffering, darkness….. Whoa, where did I take this? Jokes aside, 2021 had some major life changes for us as we moved a new home and had to prioritize things. However, we did our best to enjoy as many games as we could! We dive into some that really made our year!

2022! We are here! We see you, and we are going to kick your ass! We are looking forward to a jam packed year of game launches! Find out which games we can not wait to get our hands on!


Co-Founder & Co-Host: Stevie Ray

Co-Founder & Co-Host: Amber

Co-Host: Kevin “KP”





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